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The road to great hospitality, good times, and wonderful memories.


Established and founded in the year 2010, ROUTE24 has firmly established itself as the go-to destination when seeking accommodation or exciting activities in the enchanting region of Magaliesberg and its surrounding areas.

Situated at a convenient distance of merely 80 to 100km from the bustling cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria, ROUTE24 unveils a treasure trove of hidden gems tucked away in the picturesque nooks and crannies of this breathtaking landscape. The journey commences in Magaliesberg, and as you traverse along the R24, it leads you to Olifantnek, just before Rustenburg, and then branches off towards Skeerpoort, a captivating route leading to Hartbeespoort.

With an extensive selection of over a thousand beds, ROUTE24 offers a plethora of choices in lodges and establishments. Our friendly and attentive staff eagerly await to cater to your every need, ensuring your stay is nothing short of extraordinary. Be it a delectable dining experience, indulging in arts and crafts, engaging in heart-pumping activities, or simply relishing a serene picnic by the river, ROUTE24 caters to your desires.

For history enthusiasts, the Magaliesberg region offers a rich tapestry of captivating stories, including "The Cradle of Humankind," a site of immense historical significance. Additionally, you will be conveniently close to several "World Heritage Sites," providing a gateway to cultural wonders and historical marvels. Alternatively, if you yearn to immerse yourself in nature's embrace, enveloped by crisp, fresh air, and surrounded by an astounding variety of 450 bird species, then ROUTE24 is the ideal destination for you.

The majestic Magaliesberg Mountains stand tall, offering a breathtaking backdrop to all your adventures. As day transitions to dusk, the spellbinding sunsets over the horizon will undoubtedly leave you mesmerized.

In addition to the captivating natural and historical wonders, ROUTE24 takes great pride in providing a holistic experience that caters to all interests and preferences. Whether you seek a soul-soothing retreat, adrenaline-pumping adventures, or enriching cultural experiences, our diverse offerings ensure there is something for everyone.

For those seeking tranquility and rejuvenation, our lodges and establishments offer serene spa treatments, allowing you to pamper yourself with soothing massages and wellness treatments amidst the tranquil ambience of the Magaliesberg countryside.

Adventurers will find themselves spoiled for choice with an array of thrilling activities. Embark on exhilarating hikes, a boat cruise, guided nature walks or a game drive where knowledgeable guides reveal the hidden secrets of the flora and fauna that call Magaliesberg home. For the more daring, there are opportunities for rock climbing, zip lining, and even hot air ballooning, providing a unique perspective of the breathtaking landscapes below.

As the day winds down, indulge in local arts and crafts, showcasing the talent and creativity of the Magaliesberg community. Take home a piece of this vibrant culture as a memento of your unforgettable journey.

Gastronomy enthusiasts will find themselves delighted with the diverse culinary offerings available. Sample the region's delectable local dishes, made with love and passion, showcasing the freshest produce and ingredients sourced from the surrounding fertile lands.

Moreover, ROUTE24 is committed to promoting sustainable tourism and preserving the pristine beauty of the Magaliesberg area. Our eco-friendly initiatives ensure that you can revel in the natural splendor with the knowledge that your visit contributes to the preservation of this magnificent landscape for generations to come.

Whether you are planning a romantic getaway, a family adventure, or a solo expedition, ROUTE24 welcomes you with open arms. Our aim is to create lasting memories and provide an experience that will stay etched in your heart forever.

So, come and explore the enchanting world of ROUTE24 in the Magaliesberg's magnificent countryside. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, indulge in rich history, and partake in unforgettable experiences that will leave you yearning to return time and again. ROUTE24 awaits your arrival, ready to unveil the best-kept secrets and treasures of the Magaliesberg and surrounding areas. Let us be your guide to a truly unforgettable journey in the heart of nature's embrace.


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Route24 is your home away from home. Come and visit us and experience old-fashioned hospitality, thrilling adventure and wonderful moments.

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