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Chameleon Village boasts an array of captivating products and shopping experiences that cater to diverse tastes and preferences.


Step into our Markets for a truly unique and enchanting shopping journey, where a world of handcrafted treasures awaits.

Crafters' Market: Immerse yourself in the essence of Proudly South African craftsmanship. This haven showcases an assortment of meticulously handcrafted items that reflect the rich tapestry of our nation. From homeware and decor to fashion accessories, jewelry, natural beauty products, and an extensive range of arts and craft supplies, the Crafters' Market is a celebration of creativity and authenticity.

African Market: Embark on a journey through the largest and most renowned pan African market in the country. Drawing tourists and local shoppers alike, this market is a treasure trove of traditional and contemporary arts & crafts hailing from the diverse corners of the African continent. Discover the soulful stories woven into each piece as you explore this vibrant and culturally rich marketplace.

Africa Art Net - Vusi: Uncover the true spirit of an entire continent through the eyes of a specialist dealer. Africa Art Net - Vusi offers an exclusive collection of authentic African artifacts that capture the essence of Africa's heritage and artistic prowess. Each piece is a testament to the traditions, history, and creativity that define this remarkable land.

Gigi's Banting Baker - Health Food Store & Bistro: Indulge in a culinary experience that nurtures both body and soul. Gigi's Banting Baker is a haven for health-conscious individuals seeking nourishing delights. From delectable health food options to a delightful bistro ambiance, this establishment embodies the marriage of taste and wellness.

Central Formal African Art: Immerse yourself in the intricacies of African artistry with a focus on the Congo, Kenya, and Ethiopia. Central Formal African Art is a gateway to a world of sculptures, textiles, and decorative pieces that encapsulate the essence of these regions. Each item carries a story and a connection to the lands that inspire them.

Dr. Ali Tattoo & Body Piercing: For those seeking to express their individuality through body art, Dr. Ali Tattoo & Body Piercing is the destination of choice. With expertise and precision, this establishment offers a range of tattoo and body piercing options, allowing you to adorn yourself with symbols of meaning and significance.

Tahir Leather: Elevate your style with a touch of timeless elegance. Tahir Leather presents a collection of leather goods and motorbike accessories that exude craftsmanship and quality. From exquisite leather products to accessories that complement your adventurous spirit, Tahir Leather adds a touch of sophistication to your lifestyle.

Gspot: If you're in pursuit of eclectic fashion and decor that breaks the mold, look no further than Gspot. This establishment is a hub of innovative design, offering a range of funky and unconventional fashion pieces and decor items that add flair and character to your personal style and living spaces.

Weekend Exclusive Stores:

365 Jewel Boutique: Elevate your fashion statement with a visit to 365 Jewel Boutique. Explore an array of fashion apparel and accessories that reflect contemporary trends and timeless elegance. This boutique is a treasure trove for those seeking to make a statement through their style.

Chameleon Toys & Gifts: Delight in a world of soft toys and charming gifts at Chameleon Toys & Gifts. Whether you're searching for the perfect cuddly companion or a thoughtful present, this store offers an assortment of options that cater to young and young-at-heart.

Little Perfections Photography: Capture life's precious moments with a touch of artistry. Little Perfections Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, sitters, and cake smash photography. Through natural light photography, they beautifully encapsulate the essence of these milestones.

Opa & Oma: Revel in the beauty of handcrafted decor and children's toys at Opa & Oma. This establishment offers a curated selection of items that add a touch of warmth and charm to your living spaces while ensuring endless joy for little ones.

Opa & Oma Kardoesie: Satisfy your cravings for home-baked goodness and delectable snacks at Opa & Oma Kardoesie. Indulge in a variety of baked goods and snacks that are prepared with care and attention, offering a delightful treat for your taste buds.

In conclusion, Chameleon Village's Markets are a realm of discovery, where creativity, culture, and craftsmanship converge. From the captivating offerings of the Crafters' Market and the cultural richness of the African Market to the exquisite artifacts at Africa Art Net - Vusi and the culinary delights of Gigi's Banting Baker, the village caters to every facet of your shopping desires. Embark on a shopping odyssey that traverses continents and artistic expressions, guided by the passion and dedication of each establishment. Whether you seek artistic beauty, culinary delights, or fashion statements, Chameleon Village's Markets promise an extraordinary journey into a world of treasures waiting to be uncovered.



Arts & Crafts, Candles, Clothing, Flowers, Food Products, Photography, Apparel, Tatoo's, Body Piercing, Toys and Curios.


Monday to Sunday 09h00 - 17h00


Plot 238 &239 R104 Old Rustenburg Road, Zandfontein, Hartbeespoort


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