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Proud Member

Nestled proudly as a member of the Thabametsi community, our beautiful farm, Thabametsi, meaning "Mountain Water," unfolds its charm between two koppies, offering a mesmerizing view of the valley leading to the Witwatersrand Mountains.

What sets our haven apart is the harmonious blend of agricultural and wilderness areas, creating a space that is genuinely unique and enchanting.

The expansive grasslands provide ample grazing space for our resident animals, creating a picturesque landscape. Simultaneously, the wilderness areas offer sanctuary to a myriad of little creatures, from playful squirrels and lively monkeys to majestic buck, mongoose, porcupines, jackals, civets, and even a serval that has chosen to call our farm home.

At Thabametsi Farm, we extend our hospitality to families and couples, providing self-catering cottages that are thoughtfully designed to offer comfort amidst nature's beauty. Children are not only welcome but encouraged to immerse themselves in the many activities available, ensuring a memorable and engaging experience. Meanwhile, our four-legged visitors, the dogs, revel in the freedom to run and explore the open spaces, adding an extra layer of joy to our farm.

Our vision revolves around creating a safe haven where children can relish the freedom of exploring wide-open spaces, experiencing a slice of farm life. This commitment allows parents to relax, secure in the knowledge that their children are free from harm, forging memories that will last a lifetime.

The mission at Thabametsi is to share the breathtaking beauty of our farm with like-minded individuals, inviting guests to leave the bright lights of city life behind and immerse themselves in the peace and tranquillity that defines Thabametsi. It's a place where families and friends can reconnect in a relaxed atmosphere, fostering bonds amidst the soothing embrace of nature.

Looking ahead, our goal is to continue on this path, emphasizing the importance of caring for our natural resources, especially in the eyes of the younger generation. We are committed to offering our guests a consistently high-quality service, ensuring that every visit feels like coming home. Whether it's the allure of cosy winter fires or the joy of the summer swimming pool, Thabametsi Farm remains a destination that beckons guests to return, seeking solace and joy in the heart of nature.






Braai, Camping Site, Child Friendly, Coffee Shop, Craft Shop, Exercise Room, Function Venue, Pet Friendly, Solar Heated Swimming Pool, Television.



Animal Interaction, Bird Watching, Canoeing, Donkey Cart Rides, Fairy Garden, Hiking Trails, Jungle Gym, Labyrinth, Mountain Biking, Obstacle Course, Pony Rides, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tractor Cart Rides, Trampoline.



Breakfasts, Picnics and Romantic Dinners on Request, Massages onsite by request.



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