The Farmhouse Haven: Bridging History and Modern Comfort

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Nestled in the picturesque landscape of New Thorndale Road, Magaliesburg, The Farmhouse stands as a testament to tranquility and historical significance.

Welcoming guests for a decade, this charming property boasts a unique blend of modern comfort and rich heritage. With five quaint cottages, each featuring four beds, the accommodation caters to a total of 20 guests. Towels, a communal kitchen, and a braai facility are thoughtfully provided, ensuring a seamless self-catering experience.

The heart of The Farmhouse lies in its communal spaces, where a spacious thatched lapa beckons guests to unwind. Here, the air is filled with the tantalizing aroma of barbecues as visitors gather to enjoy the conviviality of shared meals.

The surrounding landscape, adorned with wide open spaces, invites leisurely strolls, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the beauty and serenity that define the property. One can hike or walk as the property is large and the hiker or walker can obtain and experience satisfying exercise. For those seeking respite from the African sun, a refreshing rock pool awaits, promising moments of relaxation and rejuvenation. Adjacent to the pool, a smaller thatched lapa provides a shaded oasis, inviting guests to linger beneath its cool embrace.

Beyond its contemporary amenities, The Farmhouse unfolds a tapestry of history. Deeply rooted in the narrative of the de la Rey family from the Boer War era, the property houses the resting place of Christiaan Cornelis De la Rey. Born on November 12, 1833, in Cape Colony, his grave, located on the farm, serves as a poignant reminder of the historical significance that permeates the air. Adding to the historical allure is a cellar that once served as a stable for the De la Rey family.

Transformed into a cozy room, it now offers a unique venue for hosting parties and intimate dinners. Tony Spolidoro, the owner, extends a warm invitation to guests, endeavouring to tailor their experience to their desires. The Farmhouse transcends its role as a mere accommodation, evolving into a venue for celebratory gatherings. Whether it's a bachelor or bachelorette party, a milestone birthday celebration, or a simple get-together under the starry skies, the property's versatile spaces cater to a myriad of occasions.

Crisp winter nights come alive with the warmth of cozy fireplaces, providing the perfect setting for intimate conversations and shared laughter. Nestled in the scenic Magaliesberg, The Farmhouse features a charming dam surrounded by diverse birdlife, attracting birdwatchers to its idyllic setting. Acknowledged as a vital bird area, the region is home to 450 avian species, including the majestic Cape Vulture, Black Stork, and White-backed Night Heron.

With expansive grounds, the property offers ample opportunities for hiking or walking, providing a fulfilling exercise experience amid nature's beauty. The air at The Farmhouse is not just crisp and clear; it carries with it a sense of timelessness.

Surrounded by breathtaking views, this haven in Magaliesburg beckons visitors to step into a world where the past and present coalesce, creating an atmosphere of unparalleled tranquility and beauty.



No Day Visitors.



Bed & Breakfast, Guest House, Self Catering.


Braai, Fireplace, Music Allowed, Party Venue, Swimming Pool.



Birding, Hiking Trail, Mountain Biking, Picnicking, Walking Trail.



Service, Mobile SPA Treatments, Shuttle Services.



New Thorndale Road, Magaliesburg.




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