Maddy Harvey

Maddy Harvey - Treasurer

Route 24 Treasurer: Maddy HarveyMy name is Maddy Harvey from Boonducks Farm, we have been members of Route 24 since 2018. It has been amazing to grow with Route 24, I look around at my fellow Routers and I cannot imagine myself not being a part of this awesome group of people. It is with great pleasure that I accepted the appointment of Treasurer for Route 24 in early 2021.

In 2015 we bought a farm and started the adventure of turning it into Boonducks Farm, creating a welcome and fun space for events and stayovers. Although it has been a painstakingly long and costly project, we welcomed our first guests in the form of a church camp, in October 2017. This is a dream come true as I have studied Food Service Management and have been working in the Hospitality Industry from 1991 to 2000.

As for being the Treasurer, my experience is quite extensive. I have been in the Finance Industry for more than 15 years. Initially in the Banking Industry, I then moved on to GE Betz South Africa, where I started as a debtors’ clerk. I developed with them to fill the position of Office Manager before venturing on my own with a partner to start our own bookkeeping company.


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